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News 2013

Reminder to ALL dog owners  It has been reported that, once again, dogs are being allowed to run off the lead when being taken for 'walks'. This is not only illegal in public areas but is very intimidating when large dogs are involved.  


A local resident says " I have just been out for a walk with my dog and at the same time took my rubbish to the bins near the children's park. All of a sudden from nowhere a white husky dog approached us, which was not a problem but then 3 other dogs came at us and one of the dogs started to attack my dog and tried to bite her.  Two lady owners then appeared, it seems the dogs had just been let loose to do the necessary. This is the 3rd time this has happened. I had to return home as not only had I had a fright but my little dog was scared to death and will not go out of the house now."


For a copy of the relevant local law issued by the Alcalde Maximo Revilla on 10th June 2013 click here  

(31st December 2013)


Beware callers at the door   "a Teulada resident warns everyone to be on guard against folk coming to the door trying to sell cologne .... they go to demonstrate it but then spray it in your face, which renders you immobile and they then rob your house.  Apparently this is a group travelling around the area using an Audi car".  (3rd December 2013)


Update:  This has apparently happened in Jalon as well.  A resident reports "Possibly Rumanians knocking on your door saying they have a lovely perfume for you to try, they ask you to smell it and it's ETHER. This knocks you out & they proceed to rob your house"


New e-mail scam It has been reported that people are receiving e-mails purporting to be from Amazon, UPS and others either confirming an order or asking for delivery details etc.  These e-mails contain a zipped file to download which Amazon etc do not usually use. Be aware.  (27th September 2013)  


Spanish TV to show comedy series about British Expats - possibly filmed in/around Parcent.  An article appeared in the Costa Blanca News last week, a copy is here


Problem with mains water in Barranquet and surrounding areas of Parcent

It has been reported to Parcent Town Hall that there are extremely high levels of chlorine and Ph in the mains water.  So high, in fact, that it cannot be measured with a standard swimming pool kit (you can test your own supply in this way).  It has been suggested that it would be better to drink bottled water until the problem has been resolved.

(8th September 2013)


Update:   The chlorine level has now dropped to more acceptable levels although the Ph is still a little high.  Aguagest say that the levels are controlled by 'fail safe mechanisms' and are the same throughout the system so all areas should be alike.  Should anyone wish to complain directly to Aguagest, the office (next to the Correos) is open on Monday mornings.  (18th September 2013)


New Burglary Method........

A burglary has been reported where it is believed that the burglars took advantage of an open front door taking only 30 seconds to reach behind and take the keys out of the keyhole (something we all do....).  They then returned in the early hours of the morning, let themselves in, whilst the owners were asleep, and helped themselves to a laptop, mobile phones and the car keys which they then used to make their getaway.  Please be vigilant, do not leave your doors unlocked, with or without the keys in, even if you are only in another part of the garden or house.  (6th September 2013)


Videos of Fiestas 2013!!

Video posted on Youtube of Gran Corda held on Tuesday 12th August click here

Rather long at 29 minutes but interesting to see whats involved


Video posted on Youtube of Gran Correfoc held on Wednesday 13th August click here

Again a bit long at 35 minutes, the best is towards the end so you can move the slider along if you don't wish to watch it all.


Many thanks to Patricia Royer for posting these videos.


Sell Your Stuff - Spain now have a website click here


Burglary Warning  

It has been reported that residents in Benichembla have disturbed burglars trying to get into houses in the morning, when they believe police are not able to mount road blocks. (9th July 2013)


New Gas Scam Alert  

It has been reported that phone calls have been received from 'The official gas servicio' by householders who have no gas in the house! - please be aware


BE AWARE.......

3 eastern european men claiming to be from Iberdrola have been to all the houses in Benichembla this afternoon trying to enter the house saying you have to sign paperwork or your electric will be cut off at the end of the month.......DO NOT LET THEM IN..... this has been reported ...they are in a white peugeot partner van !"   (17th June 2013)


Thieves in the area!!  

Reports have come in that thieves have been in our area taking garden furniture, pots etc. No actual break-ins but easily accessible gardens are their targets. Two strange vehicles have been seen:  a large dark grey car and a dark red people carrier, be aware.


Dog Poisoned in Alcalali

A dog has been poisoned on the track from Pepe's Restaurant that exits at roughly the bus stop in Alcalali. This is the second occasion that I have heard about dogs being poisoned in Alcalali so I think it is unwise to allow dogs off the lead. Please be careful as having seen the results first hand of a dog eating this stuff it's dreadful.  Elaine - JVH


Passport Renewal Changes

All applications from Spain now need to be sent to the IPS (Identity and Passport Service) in Belfast instead of Madrid. The change took place from the 13th May 2013.  The new system takes approx 3 weeks.  

All the information plus the form can be found here


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