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News 2014

30,000 hits in just 18 months -  many thanks to all our readers  (2nd December 2014)


Congratulations to new author in Parcent....


Congratulations to Brian Orgill who has recently had his first novel accepted

for publication (ie. not self-published).  

Hit n Run is published by UP Publications Ltd and is

available on Kindle and in paperback on Amazon.  

For a brief synopsis please click here  (3rd October 2014)


Update:   Click here to read an article which recently appeared in one of the local newspapers  (9th October 2014)


Family of cats in need of new home........    Click here   (15th September 2014)


Warning of dangerous dog...

A Parcent resident wishes to warn other animal owners about the big dog, who is normally laying in the road outside the horsefarm on the bend between Parcent and Orba, endangering passing traffic and on occasions chasing cars that pass.

For the full story and photographs please click here 

If you have any information you can contact Sheila on    (3rd August 2014)


Parcent Grapevine celebrates its 1st year with over 16,000 hits!!!  

Thank you to all for your support and contributions    (2nd June 2014)


Gordon Ramsey in Town !! Click here for an article which appeared in the spanish press about a new television series to be aired soon on Channel 4.  It is in spanish but Google does an acceptable translation  (19th May 2014)


Donation in memory of Betty Smith

A donation of €100 was recently given to the APAD dog shelter in Denia by Jalon Valley Help in memory of Betty Smith.  As many of you will know Betty lived in Parcent for 18 years and during that time was well known for her commitment to helping animals.  She worked in Parcent charity shops for many years and set up her own shop in support of APAD in Jalon. Her last wishes were for friends and relatives to make donations to APAD in lieu of flowers at her funeral.  A copy of the article that appeared in the local press is here  (3rd May 2014)


Channel 5 Cowboy Builders Programme

Our area was recently shown on the above programme featuring Bob Irving, a builder from Jalon.  

If you wish to watch it on Demand 5 click this link (you may need to use ex-pat shield or similar)  The programme will be available until 22nd May 2015  (24th April 2014)


ITV Charges lowered

All charges for ITV tests are now around €10 less.  Click for details and to make an appointment at Ondara

(24th April 2014)


Tolls on AP7 to be abolished

At long last tolls are to be abolished on the AP7 motorway....but not for 5 more years.

Manuel Niño, the Secretary-General of Infrastructure in the Spanish Government has announced that the AP7 motorway between Alicante and Tarragona will become toll-free when the concession to the private Company currently running it expires on 31st December 2019.  The decision is designed reduce congestion and improve road safety along such roads as the N-332. Thus any N332 bypass projects such as the currently stalled one at Benissa will not now continue.

(24th April 2014)


Keys found at Bar Casino, Parcent  Click here  (15th April 2014)  


Do You Remember These People?   One of our readers who still owns a property in Parcent but now works away asks:    "Could you ask around if anyone has news / contact of John and Sheila Dickens who lived in Parcent for many years from the 80's. They helped us a lot when we were there.  I last visited them in Kent after they had moved back to the UK but they have moved and I have lost contact. They will be late 80's/90+ now if they are still alive"  

Please contact if you have any information    (25th February 2014)


Processionary Caterpillars - Parents and pet-owners beware

Due to the unusually mild winter the processionary caterpillars seem to have thrived.  There are many more and larger nests in the pine trees than normal.  They are also almost ready to start moving (it is more normal to see them in March) so parents and pet-owners need to be on their guard. The hairs of the caterpillars can cause skin irritations to humans and are particularly dangerous to dogs who are more likely to ingest them.  This article appeared recently in one of the local newspapers.  (13th February 2014)


Changes to water bills

As most people will be aware Aquagest has now changed its name to Hidraqua. Although the change seems to be solely administrative and should not affect the consumer, please check that your payment has been taken via your bank. It has been reported that a small number of people have had problems.  (5th February 2014)


Important ....

If you need to contact Orba for a medical appointment please note the number has changed to 96 640 9985


If you need to ring them in an emergency after 15:00 the number is now 96 640 9990


You can also book an appointment on-line       (23rd January 2014)


Language Exchange The Language Exchange have changed their meeting place from Jalon to Parcent.  The first meeting of the year was Friday 10th January 2014 at the Co-operativa.  It was a great success and 10 English, and 10 Spanish attended.  Its free and a great way to practice your Spanish and vice verca. Everyone is welcome, so pop along if you can.  It will be on every week.  19.30 at the  Co-operativa, Parcent  (17th January 2014)


Do you know these dogs?   Two dogs were seen attacking a cat in the outside area of Siremar on Wednesday 1st January at approximately 16:00.  The dogs were tan coloured Boxer's.  One is a bitch who has had puppies recently.  They have been seen running loose in various parts of the village incuding the Arenal.   Another cat has been missing for 10 days since an encounter with the same dogs.

If you know anything about them, please email (2nd January 2014)


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