Parcent  Grapevine

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Parcent Councillors

Joan Ripoll Mora    Mayor

Responsible for Urban Planning, Maintenance, Roads, Municipal Buildings, Rubbish Collection, Security

Karen Elaine Kidd (known as Louise)      Deputy Mayor / Treasurer

Councillor with responsibility for Non Spanish Residents, Economy and Tax, Commerce and Local Development

Salvador Mut Perez      Second Deputy Mayor 

Councillor with responsibility for Social Services, Health, Citizen Participation, Welfare, Women and Tourism

Carme Fer Domenech     Third Deputy Mayor

Councillor with responsibility for Culture, Education, Fiestas and Public Relations with Media and Institutions

Javier Ballester Estalrich

Councillor with responsibility for Sport, Youth, Agriculture and Environment

Pedro Joaquin Ferrando Moll     Leader of the Opposition

Maria Luisa Ivars Trives


Contact Parcent Town Hall:  


  Email        [email protected]


  Telephone        96 664 0301  




  Open:   09:30 to 14:30 Monday to Friday

                17:00 to 21:00  Monday and Thursday