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 Contact Parcent Town Hall:  



  Telephone        96 664 0301    



  Open:   09:30 to 14:30 Monday to Friday

                17:00 to 21:00  Monday and Thursday  


   Parcent Councillors

17th January 2019            Urgent Notice to All UK Citizens Re Right to Vote    Click here      


11th December 2018        Padron and Registering to Vote     Click here


20th June 2018                 Obligatory Antirabies Vaccine 2018  Click here


26th May 2018                   Last day for bonfires, open fires etc is 31st May 2018  (until autumn)


25th May 2018                   Help with Parcent questionnaire   Click here         Questionnaire in english


25th May 2018                   Change of english speaking contact in the Town Hall  Click here


24th May 2018                   Post Office - new opening hours  

The Town Hall has sent a letter of reclamation to the Post Office asking for the time for public attention to remain at one hour, instead of the planned reduction to 30 minutes.


The Town Hall also has a sheet for the collection of signatures asking the Post Office to change this recent policy decision which all Parcent residents are welcome to sign.                                              


16th October 2017             Water Bills - changing ownership   Click here


2nd June 2017                    Register for english information emails   Click here


23rd August 2016              New contact email / IBI Bills    Click here


16th June 2016                   Municipal report    Click here


3rd May 2016                      Garden Waste / Water / Advice about Tiger Mosquitos    Click here


9th February 2016              2016 Budget    Click here


27th March 2015                 Municipal Report 2014/2015   Click here


27th February 2015            Garden Waste Disposal / Health Emergencies / Events  Click here  

                                              2015 Budget


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